Treadmill Cardio Ladder Workout

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It’s Workout Wednesday! Save this treadmill cardio workout for the gym today. 

This cardio ladder steps up in speed with strategically timed and paced jogs to maximize the efficiency of oxygen uptake and caloric burn.


Quick Stats:

  • Equipment Needed: Treadmill and Workout Mat or Towel
  • Workout Length: 25 minutes and 2 miles covered
  • Intensity: 3 flames
  • Est. Calories Burned: 300 Calories

Workout Summary

Warm-Up Sequence (x1)

Jog @ 5.0 mph (0.25 miles)

Cardio Ladder (x2)

Run @ 7.0 mph (0.15 miles)
Jog @ 6.0 mph (0.10 miles)
Run @ 7.5 mph (0.15 miles)
Jog @ 6.0 mph (0.10 miles)
Run @ 8.0 mph (0.15 miles)
Jog @ 6.0 mph (0.10 miles)

Cool Down Sequence (x1)

Walk @ 3.0 mph (0.25 miles)
Stretch (3 minutes)

Written by the Nutriology Fitness Team

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