Meet the Nutriology Team

The world of wellness is a noisy place. And let’s be honest – not every “guru” has your best interests at heart or the credentials and experience that you deserve.

Nutriology is different. Which means your results can be different. And it starts, if you’ll forgive our pun…at the core.

Nutriology’s team of experts curates an effective and sustainable plan for each member,  which means that you get the benefit of the best information on the market with simple, actionable strategies that fit into your busy life and lifestyle.

These experts include registered dietitians, certified trainers, credentialed wellness experts, member success managers, product designers, tech developers, and more. 

Our team is 100% committed to your success, from Day 1. Meet some of the Nutriology team members who will be guiding you through your health and wellness journey.

The Team

John Chesley

Founder and CEO

I founded Nutriology because I believe that each one of us – regardless of our age, or our circumstances – deserves the opportunity to enjoy our meal time experience, develop our fitness confidence with safe and effective workouts, and live our best life.

And because frankly, I didn’t see any programs on the market that fit my needs.

Here’s the deal…I’m not a personal trainer. Or a registered dietitian. Or a master health coach. (I’ve simply surrounded myself with some of the best in the business, as you’ll see below!)

I’m a business owner, with a background in brand development and finance. I’m a husband and a father. And I, like you, have tried all of the wellness and weight loss strategies out there. I have waded through tons of information and recommendations, both good and bad, and I realize the source is a distinguishing element.

As you begin your Nutriology journey, I will be right beside you, cheering you on and also listening to your feedback. My commitment to you is that if you invest in yourself, and in Nutriology, you will always have access to me, whether it’s in the role of Nutriology founder, or in the role of Nutriology member. (Because, yes, I really do follow my own program.)

I would like to introduce you to the incredible team of wellness and tech experts who not only contribute to the program but who are highly trained, experienced and passionate individuals who will make sure that you finally experience the lifestyle change you’re looking for.

Jen Gerasimas

Master Personal Trainer/Master Health Coach, Fitness Programming Developer

Jen is the founder and owner of 7Core Wellness, and leads the fitness programming for Nutriology. She is also the author of Warrior Approach Guidebook: A Simple Guide for Creating Sustainable Healthy Habits, and has over 20 years of experience studying the human body with a decade working with individuals to improve their wellness from teaching group exercise, personal training, and nutrition coaching.

Jen holds her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Alabama in Huntsville and her certifications include National Academy of Sports Medicine in Personal Training and Corrective Exercise, Functional Movement Systems Level 2, StrongFirst Girya Level 1, EXOS-XPS, Functional Aging, and Precision Nutrition Level 2 Master Health Coach.

Kelsey Byars

RD, Nutrition and Food Programming Developer

Kelsey is a Registered Dietitian, an AFAA-certified Personal Trainer, a KOR Method Nutrition Coach, a private chef and the owner and founder of Nourished Roots Spice Co.

She is passionate about helping people embrace a healthy lifestyle with ease, through delicious and nutritious recipes and effective, fun workout strategies.

Kelsey works with a range of nutrition clients, from the stay-at-home mom looking to balance her new lifestyle to the professional and Olympic-level athlete.

Mike Knerr

Lead Developer and Technical Project Manager

Mike is the CEO and Founder of Xupe, a boutique web development and design company that specializes in leveraging the latest technologies to create intuitive and cutting-edge apps, and is a consultant for healthcare leaders across North America.

Mike leads a team of developers, product designers, UI and UX specialists and other professionals to bring Nutriology’s customized nutrition and fitness program to life!

Whitney Bateson

MPH RD, Brand and Product Strategist

Whitney is a registered dietitian with over 15 years of experience in the food and nutrition industry. As the founder of Whitney Bateson Digital Strategy, she is passionate about getting realistic, user-friendly health and wellness tools into the hands of consumers, and connecting more people with nutrition and fitness experts.

Additionally, she is a market-leading software development consultant, whose work has helped more than 75 nutrition businesses launch and grow, leveraging nutrition software and content that is evidence-based.

Katy Widrick

Growth Marketing Strategist

Katy is the founder of Make Media Over, a fractional marketing and revenue expansion service, specializing in brands in the health and wellness space. 

She is passionate about empowering digital creators and business disruptors to connect with their audiences, expand their reach, maximize their impact and lead with integrity. Katy is also the host of The Rising Tide Talents Show, a weekly podcast helping marketing pros become CMOs.

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